Saturday, February 13, 2010


Color impact could be improved
Loose threads should be cut (threads shadow)
Remove basting threads and/or pencil marks
Edges wobble or ripple

Piecing needs improvement
Corners and points should meet precisely
Block size should be uniform
Straight lines should be straight
Shadowing-through detracts
Stitches should be secure
Piecing thread should not show

Appliqué needs improvement
Design should be centered on block
Curves should be smooth
Points should be sharp
Stitches should be even
Stitches should be unobtrusive
Background shadows through

Border techniques need improvement
Border should compliment central design
Corner miters should be done carefully
Borders should be straight
Sashing inconsistent (not aligned)

Binding techniques need improvement
Batting should fill binding completely
Corners should be stitched closed
Width of binding should be consistent

Quilting techniques need improvement
Density of quilting should be consistent over surface
Stitches should be of even length
Stitches should go all the way through
Beginning and ending of quilting threads should be invisible
Quilting design should enhance design
In the ditch quilting should stay in the ditch
Tension on quilting stitch should be even


Michele said...

I volunteered to help at my guild's quilt show back in 2001. I'd only been quilting a year a two. BEST thing I ever did. All I did was hold quilts, but the dialogue between the two judges was fascinating. The things they looked at and for, how they (tried) to ignore personal likes and dislikes to fairly judge the quilt in front of the them, and the comments they dictated to my friend who was responsible for writing up the judging sheets.

If someone's guild is throwing a show, she should get herself signed up as a volunteer for the judging. I couldn't believe how much I learned.

Melody Crust said...

I agree. There is so much to learn just listening to judges.