Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter in Seattle

In a word, Seattle in the winter is 'Gray'. The last few years we made it a priority to find some place with blue skies, sunshine and warmth. This year we are back to Hawaii, Oahu to be specific.

The average winter temperature in Seattle is fairly mild, with January experiencing the coldest monthly temps -- the average high is 47 degrees F and the average low is 36. February is typically a few degrees warmer.  It only rains about 39" per year in Seattle, but it rains in drips and dabs most of the time.

Hawaii’s climate may represent the best the world has to offer, with shorts, a t-shirt and sandals appropriate year round. Some winter days do get cool, especially when it's windy and cloudy.  The rainfall yields lush tropical scenery, but is usually considerate enough to remain isolated and short lived.

All tourist areas of Oahu have great micro climates, especially Waikiki. When the East coast is experiencing bad weather, head to Waikiki and watch the clouds miraculously disappear, stopped by the mountain's.

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