Sunday, May 17, 2015

A River Ride

 At Page, AZ is the Glen Canyon Dam which is a concrete arch dam on the Colorado River  The dam was built to provide hydroelectricity and flow regulation from the upper Colorado River Basin to the lower. Its reservoir is called Lake Powell, and is the second largest artificial lake in the country, extending upriver well into Utah. The dam is named for Glen Canyon, a colorful series of gorges, most of which now lies under the reservoir.

The trip continued with turns and bends and ever-changing geology. We had the opportunity to view the famous “Horseshoe Bend” from the water. Many had seen it from the top of the canyon, but we were part of the fortunate group who actually navigated around it.

 The boat, is a motorized raft with two huge pontoons.
Lee's Ferry is the end of the line. It received its present name after John D. Lee was asked by Mormon church officials to establish and operate a ferry that could be used by church emigrants traveling south on colonizing missions. Now, with bridges over the Colorado there was no need for a ferry service. The bus that took us down the tunnel in the dam was there at Lee’s Ferry to drive us back into Page.

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