Saturday, November 7, 2015


Redwork encompasses any type of embroidery worked in red thread on white or natural-colored fabric (usually muslin). This style of embroidery is most commonly worked in basic surface stitches. Redwork has been commonly used in folk embroidery since stable dyes were developed in Turkey (hence the old name of Turkey Work), and was very popular from 1880 through the early 1900's.

Seams to me that it is very popular now too. I've been playing around with it too. I have adjusted colors and styles to suit my needs.
Three strands of embroidery floss, with Dream Poly batt on the back, this was fun to stitch no need for a hoop with the batting.

Bobbin quilting - regular tension -75 quilting needle, hand dyed rayon in the bobbin, filament poly on top. The flower is hand guided but the wavy line is a programmed stitch.

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