Friday, January 15, 2016

Decorative Threads for Quilters

For me, decorative threads (for hand and machine embroidery and for machine quilting) include the rayons and metallics, and anything else I can get through a needle. One way to preview these threads

is to browse manufacturer web sites. Take some time to explore the sites -- most have educational resources to help you choose threads, and they often suggest appropriate needles and other supplies that are required for specific jobs.

I prefer to try out the thread myself. I am a thread junkie, so I have lots to choose from. Rather than buying an assortment, you might try getting together with a few friends and share!

Entire books can be written about thread and its uses, and the selections are constantly expanding.
  •     Ask questions about thread -- your local quilt guild and staff at quilt shops are excellent resources. Don't be afraid to experiment with thread, because experimentation is one of the best ways to learn about any product.
Once you have sewn with several different threads, you'll have a much better feel for future selections.

Check out my book Quilt Toppings, there is a whole Thread Play chapter!

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