Friday, March 25, 2016

Quilting in America: Fun Facts

A 2014 survey finds that Quilters in the United States spend a whopping $3.76 billiona year on their fiber art passion.

There are more than 16 million active quilters in the country. That means one out of every 20 Americans quilt!

These were some of the key findings of the 2014 survey:

Dedicated Quilter is defined as one who spends more than $500 a year on quilting.

She is female; about 64; is well educated (79% attended college); has a household income in excess of $100,000; and has been quilting an average of 20.3 years.

Among Dedicated Quilter’s, 81% are traditionalists, while 38% embrace art quilting, and 35% enjoy modern quilting styles.

The Dedicated Quilter owns, on average, almost $13,000 worth of tools and supplies and has a stash of fabric worth nearly $6,000, which the majority (88%) store in a studio or room dedicated solely to sewing and quilting.

Quilters are also tech savvy, with 87% owning a tablet or eBook reader today. The percentage of quilters who access the Internet daily has grown to 86%, up from 73% four years ago.

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