Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Turn

Old windows with view.
After many years in the same studio, I moved. Sold the house and now live in a beautiful condo in a lovely Seattle 'walk' neighborhood. I think the real estate agent thought I was nuts not to mention the electrician who installed the recessed lights. My number one request for the new place? The master bedroom had to have a window low enough that I could sit at my sewing machine and see out the window. Believe me it was easier said than done. Number two, something pretty to see out that window.

It was 13' x 9'
A small studio means that I rapidly learned to keep everything in it's place. Note; the design wall outside the studio in the hall. My friends loved this because they could see what I was up to when they used the restroom.

I ordered twelve recessed LED lights. The electrician convinced me that was too many. I have nine which is plenty. He didn't have a clue what was going on, he insisted that I should have two switches, I told him one was enough. I did notice that my one switch has an absolutely unnecessary dimmer. So I guess he got his way in the end.

My new space is large and I assumed that it would be easier to keep tidy! Wrong! I just have too much stuff! The cabinets in the background are full of fabric. I admit they're tidy. It's just too much trouble to sort and re-shelve fabric.The pile of stuff in the front, is a horizontal surface, what more can I say. It is supposed to be for cutting and ironing! 

Junk room, I mean closet.

Then there is the closet. When I moved I thought what a perfect place for my pretties. You know thread, beads, sequins, doilies etc.. And some larger stuff ie: batting rolls. Again I just have too much stuff!

UFO's to GO!
So here's what I did; started by purging. I have a theory about  UFO's. If I didn't like them well enough when I started them, why do I think I will finish them now? I mostly believe that but I do or should say did have, lots of left over bits and pieces. They have now been found, bagged and are on their way to community service.

 Then there were the duplicates, mostly papers. Off to recycle they went.

I  spent quite a bit of time labeling the drawers and doors. I will use them to help me remember what's where until I don't need them any more. (Or Forever???). I put like things together. All the marker, interfacings, stabilizers, etc are now together. 

New view from the window

I love the new view, besides the trees there are people, lots of them means people watching is great! And if I drank coffee, Starbucks is just a block away.

The view from my machine

I have two work walls inside the studio, which means that when I am finished for the day, I can close the door!


Probably my largest hoard (I mean collection) is the thread, here you see size 50 neutral and colored thread. I use it mostly for piecing, but some quilting too. The other five boxes of thread are in the closet.

 I know it doesn't look like it, but I did clean it out. The batting seems to be the biggest problem...guess I need to sew more!!!

What do I love about my studio? I feel at peace there.


Heather Pregger said...

I love your view, Melody! Your new studio looks wonderful.

Robin said...

Great View!!