Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you label your quilts?
I think as a minimum labels should consist of the name of the maker, the date and city and state. Because my quilts often travel, I include my full address, email and phone number. I also add the name of the quilt.

When did you start quilting?
My mother taught me to sew doll clothes when I was five. I've sewn, my clothes, kids clothes curtains, that kind of stuff. The first baby important to me was born in 1978. I made her a quilt! That was it for me, I was hooked!

What batting do you use?
Generally speaking, it needs to be 80% or more cotton, the right size and in my house. I am not using some wool for the larger quilts because the wool is lighter in weight and easier for me to maneuver when I machine quilt.

Do you use the new basting sprays in your quilts?
No, I like to have the ability to scoot the quilt around to make the straight lines straight BEFORE I safety pin baste.

Do you block your quilts?
Generally, yes. The exceptions are to be used family quilts and heavily embellished ones. My work walls are made of Celutex ( a building material) covered with Warm and White. I pin the quilt to the wall, making sure everything is straight and square. I dampen a piece of muslin and pin it to cover part of the quilt, then with my iron, using an up and down motion, I press, re-wetting and moving the muslin as necessary.

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