Friday, January 5, 2018

Scrap Quilts

The new year means it's time to set some goals. #1 on my list is to make some scrap quilts. I don't think I am going to win the "Whoever has the most fabric" contest, but I have my share. I realized that when the cupboard is too full to shove more in, something needs to happen.

Scrap quilts (or I should say multi fabric) are my all-time favorite type of quilt. History would have us believe that the majority of antique scrap quilts were frugal projects, made with bits and pieces of  leftover fabrics. While that’s probably true, I think quilters of past generations enjoyed the challenge of combining fabrics just as much as we do today, and likely used their fabric stashes to design scrappy quilts with lots of visual appeal.

                                          Now I just need to decide what to do with them!

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patty a. said...

2018 is all about using up my scraps too. Over New Year's a girlfriend helped me sort my bins of scraps which was a huge help. I am anxious to see how many quilts I can get out of my scraps. Of course I will be using my stash in conjunction with the scraps for alternating strips or blocks, but my main focus will be on using up all those valuable scraps. I will keep checking in to see how you use yours.