Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Day at the Beach

Took a day off to spend the day at the beach with some friends. Great Day!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Guest Artist - Judi Bergsagel

Just finished my fast finishes piece from your class for QA this month. I am new to free motion quilting so had some fun preparing my rectangles. I loved your quilting using straight and satin so did that on the border piece. Think I will be using that often and it will always be the Melody stitch to me! Thanks so much for your instructions and help! 
Judi Bergsagel


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Road Trip- Books and Art

BookTree is a vibrant gathering place for the exchange of ideas, and discussion of books and the literary arts.  It is a place where all are welcome to continue their journey, expand their knowledge, feed their interests and further their education through books and literature.  It is a place for families to find and enjoy the best of current literature.  A place where our customers can hear local and traveling writers, authors and poets present their work.

BookTree is one of the few remaining independent bookstores on the Eastside that will be an important part of our city’s identity.  
BookTree • 609 Market St, Kirkland, WA 98033 • (425) 202-7791
Store Hours-  M-F - 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Saturdays - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays - Noon to 5 p.m.

And the ART! All works done by my VERY talented sister HEATHER OSTERMAN


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today I AM Judging at the Western Washington State Fair

Thought I would share some of the comments I might make.

FEATURES OF THIS QUILT ARE:                                

Excellent visual impact
Stood up well against stiff competition
Edges flat
Colors and fabrics well chosen for quilts style
Innovative use of color
Innovative use of pattern
Well balanced design

Piecing well done
Points match
Block size is uniform
Straight lines are straight
Curved seams are smooth

Appliqué well done
Design well centered on block
Curves are smooth
Points are sharp
Stitches are even
Stitches are unobtrusive

Border well done
Border compliment’s central design
Corner miters well done

Binding well done

Quilting well done
Stitches are even
Stitches on back are even
Straight quilting lines are straight
Curves quilting lines are smooth
Quilting pattern appropriate


Color impact could be improved
Good effort
Bearding is apparent
Loose threads should be cut (threads shadow)
Remove basting threads and/or pencil marks
Edges wobble or ripple

Piecing needs improvement
Corners and points should meet precisely
Block size should be uniform
Straight lines should be straight
Shadowing-through detracts
Stitches should be secure
Piecing thread should not show

Appliqué needs improvement
Design should be centered on block
Curves should be smooth
Points should be sharp
Stitches should be even
Stitches should be unobtrusive
Background shadows through

Border techniques need improvement
Border should compliment central design
Corner miters should be done carefully
Borders should be straight
Sashing inconsistent (not aligned)

Binding techniques need improvement
Batting should fill binding completely
Corners should be stitched closed
Width of binding should be consistent
Fabric bias more appropriate than commercial bias

Quilting techniques need improvement
Density of quilting should be consistent over surface
Stitches should be of even length
Stitches should go all the way through
Beginning and ending of quilting threads should be invisible
Quilting design should enhance design
In the ditch quilting should stay in the ditch
Tension on quilting stitch should be even

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's Summer, here is a Tour of My Gardens


I love flowers! A psychedelic wonder with fragrance so sweet.

It is important to me that my art quilts suggest a meaning to the viewer rather than simply decorate walls. Underlying much of my work is the theme of wonderment for the workings of the earth.
Roses are Red
Flowers are a significant visual influence in my daily life. I can almost feel the warm summer sun and smell the fragrance of roses from my quilt garden. This is a glorious sensation.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Seattle Summer

Watching the goslings learn to fly is very fun! They run across the water until they nose dive into the water. Then do it again!

During the second year of their lives, Canada geese find a mate. They are monogamous, and most couples stay together all of their lives. If one dies, the other may find a new mate. The female lays from 2–9 eggs with an average of five and both parents protect the nest while the eggs incubate.

The incubation period, in which the female incubates while the male remains nearby, lasts for 24–28 days after laying. As the annual summer molt also takes place during the breeding season, the adults lose their flight feathers for 20–40 days, regaining flight at about the same time as their goslings start to fly.

As soon as the goslings hatch they are immediately capable of walking, swimming and finding their own food (a diet similar to the adult geese). Parents are often seen leading their goslings in a line, usually with one adult at the front, and the other at the back. While protecting their goslings, parents often violently chase away nearby creatures, from small blackbirds to lone humans that approach, after warning them by giving off a hissing sound and will then attack with bites and slaps of the wings if the threat does not retreat or has seized a gosling.

The offspring enter the fledging stage any time from 6 to 9 weeks of age. They do not leave their parents until after the spring migration, when they return to their birthplace.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Garden Tour

I don't garden, but I love gardens. Here is one of my favorites.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Saturday, It's Quilters Anonymous, Edmonas WA

Fast Finishes

First we learn to join pre-quilted blocks using several innovative techniques. Go home ready to make
larger machine quilted quilts without all the work of trying to get it into your machine. The Quilt-As-You-Go method allows for more detailed quilting using a standard sewing machine since you're only quilting a small section at a time. Fast finishing concludes with super-fast binding. Is binding the quilt your least favorite part?  Bindings and piping are a snap with this no-fail completely machine-stitched method.  In this class you will be making a sample to take home to keep as a ‘how to’ example for your own quilts. Binding will never be the same again!
Check with Barbara 

Here's the supply list:

3 Quilted Quilt blocks 5 x 10” (firm batting works best)
          Option: use pre-quilted fabric
Fat quarter fabric for front and back sashing strips
Fat quarter batting
Fat quarter each binding and piping fabric
Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (medium size)
Sewing machine
Walking foot (Frequently an extra item with open toe capability if possible) OR open toe embroidery foot AND ¼” foot
Seam ripper
Thread snips
Fabric scissors
Thread to match the sashing strips, backing and piping fabric
Size 75/11 quilting needles

If not provided by the guild
Extension cord
Iron and ironing surface

Optional, but nice
Chair cushion