Saturday, July 13, 2019

A Doll's Sleeping Bag

Sometimes I find myself making different stuff. Who doesn't like to make a quick, very cute project once in a while. A friend makes clothes and quilts for 18" dolls for gifts to needy children. I thought I would play along. So I made a sleeping bag.

I cut the outside, inside and batting 20" X 25". Sandwiched it together and stitched around the edges. leaving a few inches for turning.

I inserted ribbons to tie the bag up.

Choosing the right way to quilt the bag.
Tied with a "pop corn' knot.

Tied with a running stitch.

Machine quilting random squares. This was the winner.

All tied up!

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Here in Seattle February went out like a lion. Coldest, snowiest in 70 years. March has come in like a lamb. Today it's 46 and sunny.

I am sooo ready for spring to officially arrive on March 20. I am one of those people that feels much better in with the sunshine. Here we have daylight for almost 11 hours. Which is almost 3 hours longer than it is at the winter solstice in December. In June with the summer solstice we have about 16 hours.

Summer bring so many things to do outside. One of my favorites is the Fremont District's Solstice Parade held every summer.
Fremont's Summer solstice parade