Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Wonderful subtle colors
I'm thinking about starting a new competition quilt. Looking through my 'scrap book' (pictures in my computer) looking for colors that inspire me. Here's what I found:

Bright bold colors

Both examples a beautiful, I think I'll go with the big, bold, colors!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Classes Scheduled at QuiltWorks Northwest, Bellevue

Finishing School

I don't teach very many workshops locally, QuiltWorks is the exception.

I have two scheduled next month.

Finishing School
12:30-4:30 May 31
Discover the joy of transforming unfinished projects into amazing quilts. We will explore construction techniques and setting blocks and delve into designing and sewing the perfect border, all while engaging in a lively problem-solving session that will convert challenges into marvelous, artistic solutions!

Thread Toppings
10:30-2:30 May 30
Thread ToppingsThread is no longer a 'Plain Jane' necessity - it's now available in many luscious colors and types. Steering your way through the sea of threads out there can be a bit daunting. Experiment while you learn how to match thread to the appropriate needle, make the tension setting your best friend and troubleshoot your way to fun and fancy sewing.
Melody is the author of Quilt Toppings; Fun and Fancy Embellishment Techniques, Breckling Press.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Color Your World

For insight on your color preferences think about the color you associate with the following:

1.     Your favorite fabric
2.     Geometric fabric
3.     Focus fabric
4.     Going to bed
5.     Polishing your nails
6.     Novelty fabric
7.     Picking field flowers
8.     A bouquet of your flowers
9.     Your favorite quilt, one you made
10. Coloring your hair
11. Setting the table
12. Putting up the patio umbrella
13. Floral fabric
14. Placing a wreath on your door
15. Daydreaming
16. Ethnic fabric
17. Arranging a bowl of fruit
18. The color of the cover of your favorite quilt book
19. Abstract fabric
20. Solid fabric


Designate each of your color choices according to three basic categories of association—warm, cool and neutral. First, find your colors in the following category list:
Warm Colors: red, orange, pink, yellow
Cool Colors: blue, green, purple
Neutral Colors: black, brown, white, gray, beige, taupe

Next assign an “A” whenever you have listed a warm color, a “B” for all you cool color choices, and a “C” for neutral colors. Count how many you listed in each category.

Use the information below to see what your choices may say about you and your quiltmaking.

Your tally:     warm ____________ cool ____________ neutral ____________

How do you compare?
Mostly “A”s? You come alive with energizing colors.
Mostly “B”s? You respond to soothing colors.
Mostly “C”s? You like to play it safe.
Tie with two or all categories? Evenly distribute color ‘temperatures’ throughout your stash.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

To wash or not to wash

Although some quilters never pre-wash their fabrics, I nearly always do. I don't want any surprises
when I wash a finished quilt. Some cotton fabrics bleed, particularly reds, purples and other vivid colors.

My story: Assuming that wall hanging will never be washed isn't safe. I had a sample hanging in a store, there was a fire down the way in the strip mall. My quilt was smoke damaged. The conservator they consulted told them to dry clean everything, so they did!

What if your quilt contains several different unwashed fabrics--and some of them shrink more than others? Uneven shrinkage could cause puckers and distortions the first time the quilt is washed.
Some quilters intentionally use unwashed fabrics to assemble a quilt because the puckers left over after the first wash give the quilt a vintage appearance. If vintage isn't the look you're going for it's best to pre-wash your fabrics.
I use a laundry additive called Synthropol. (What is Synthrapol? It is a special detergent used in pre-scouring fibers before dyeing, and in washing out excess dye.)  Add a capful  to each load of fabric keeps loose dyes from depositing on other fabrics during the wash.

I press everything before I fold and put it away, I like them ready to cut when I'm ready to use them.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I Love Thread!!!

Thread shelf, not shown in picture is blackout curtain.
I love thread – the different types and sizes of spools, the different weights and textures of threads, and all those amazing luscious colors.  I buy lots of it, some to use and some just because I couldn’t resist it’s loveliness. I think I have more invested in thread than fabric!
Be aware that thread does go 'bad'. And no, it shouldn’t be stored in the freezer because it slowly removes the moisture. 

So, the principal enemies of thread (and fabric) are light, variations in temperature, humidity and dust.  Direct sunlight as well as strong artificial light will eventually create fading and drying.  To maintain it’s optimum strength, threads need to retain a degree of moisture, a balance.
I now have five of these boxes!

Any kind of box or container will also work so long as it protects the thread from dust, minimizes exposure to light, humidity and temperature variations, and keeps the spools separated and the threads from tangling is recommended.

Melody Crust  
Author of: Quilt Toppings; Fun and Fancy Embellishments
A Fine Line; Techniques and Inspirations for Creating the Quilting Design
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I  am proud to be participating in the Alzheimer's Art Quilt

Friday, April 17, 2015

Aunt Janie

Someone asked me the other day, where did I learn to quilt? The answer isn't simple. I did not learn to quilt from my mother or grandmother. My mother taught me to embroider at age five. (Something I still love). She tried to teach me to crochet but I did not have the manual dexterity to work the crochet hook. But quilting was all my own

When I started there were few books about quilting. I thought you needed a pattern.  I got my first real pattern from Aunt Janie. We went to visit her one day, she was piecing a quilt. The only paper she had was old grocery bags. I traced her templates  onto that grocery bag. She even gave me a sample block! I was in heaven!

I never made a quilt from any of the patterns she shared with me that day, but I remember many of the details very fondly.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh the Flowers!

Seattle’s Original Farmers Market   

Pike Place Market was founded in 1907 to provide a place for farmers and customers to meet directly. Farmers continue to sell their locally grown produce and products to shoppers seven days a week, 362 days a year.

And lots of other stuff too!


Rachel the Piggy Bank.... is the mascot of Pike Place Market and one of the best public fundraisers. She has been "Bringing Home the Bacon" for The Pike Place Market Foundation since 1986, (raising more than $200,000 and counting!) to support the low-income neighbors who live in and around the Market. Legend has it that if you rub Rachel's snout and make a donation, you'll have good luck

Undercover Quilts where racks of fabrics entice the eye with their multi-patterned, multi-hued beauty and draw the touch of hands eager to transform them.
Inside 1411 First Avenue, Suite 106
Seattle, WA 98101

Monday thru Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Taking a Day Off - A Visit to Pike Place Market

More than 85 local farmers keep the farm tables stocked year-round with seasonal Washington-grown fresh fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, herbs, flowers and honey.
 Created more than a century ago to connect the city’s citizens and farmers, Pike Place Market is a beloved Seattle landmark, welcoming more than 10 million visitors a year. Encompassing a nine-acre Market Historic District overlooking Elliott Bay, the Market remains the bustling center of farm fresh, locally sourced, artisanal and specialty foods.  It’s a place where you can “Meet the Producer”—the farmers, butchers, fishmongers, cheesemongers, bakers, winemakers and purveyors who bring their bounty to your table. The Market features one of the largest craft markets in the country, featuring all locally made handcrafted goods. And with more than 225 small independent businesses and a diverse array of restaurants, the Market offers endless opportunities for delight and discovery.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Scraps, again

My friends know about my obsession with scraps, this bag was left on my door step!
Thanks Linda.

All cut up! This variety make my collection so much richer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I got a new tool!

I am not a gadget person.  Put these Wonder Clips have real possibilities. They easily pinch open to securely hold projects, fluorescent color makes them easy to see. They can be used in place of pins for holding binding strips, hems, piping, trims, yarn, leather, and more.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Santa Rosa Quilt Guild's 2015 Opportunity Quilt.

I love to receive these kinds of emails!
Cosmic Universe
Dear Melody,

If you will recall, in March 2014 you authorized the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild to utilize your Ping An pattern to make its 2015 Opportunity Quilt.

Cosmic Universe is completed and was unveiled at our April 2 Guild meeting.  I've attached pictures of the quilt and the label.  Of course the label, as well as the opportunity tickets, include the information that the quilt design is by Melody Crust. 

It was made by Lorna Fiori, Elizabeth McDonnell, Kathy Rathbun and Vivian Valencia and beautifully quilted by Betty Upchurch, all members of the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild.  The backing fabric, which coordinates beautifully with the top, was generously donated by Gery Rosemurgy of Broadway Quilts in Sonoma.

Thank you once again for your permission.  We think the quilt is beautiful and a gasp from our audience at the unveiling today confirmed just that.

Elizabeth McDonnell
(Contact Elizabeth, I bet she sell you a ticket!)
Here is Ping An. I think they did a remarkable job! Don't you?
Ping An

Friday, April 3, 2015

StashFest 2015 @ TheConner Quilt and Textile Museum

April 18, 10AM - 5PM

La Conner Civic Garden Club
622 South 2nd Street
La Conner WA 98257
(across the street from the Museum)

This event is free and open to all!  Want to come in early?  There will be a limited number of pre-sale tickets available to purchase online beginning March 1 for $20 each.   This ticket will grant you entry to StashFest at 9AM -- a whole hour ahead of the crowd!  This is a great event with door prizes every hour and lots of wonderful unique fibers and fiber related things to add to your stash!

Handwerks Textiles
2015 Featured StashFest Artists 

Ann DarlingEclectic Global Fabrics and Designer Clothing

Kimono Blossom, Ako Shimozato  
Japanese Textiles Reinvented

Margo Myers
Unique Copper-Stamped Cotton Yardage

Peggy Juve
Digitally Printed Artists’ Fabrics and Clothing

Meredith MacLeod  See more...
Digitally Printed Fabric & Accessories From Hand-Stamped & -Painted Images

Cameron Mason
Whirlwind Hand Dyesand Accessories

Contemporary QuiltArt Association
Collectors’ Choice Fabrics

Bonnie Bucknam, Handwerk Textiles  
Bags, Totes, Hand-Dyed Vintage Linens & Textiles, Global Textiles
For more info:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Quilt Show

Check out their BLOG, I had a really good time! When will my show be available? I'll keep you posted.

My day of filming at The Quilt Show ended with the snow on the ground.