Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrap Quilts and their makers!

Sally Schneider: A specialist in scrap quilts and built-in borders, author of nine books. Her lecture was wonderful! She talked about scrap bags, or boxes, or barrels full of bits and pieces. What to do with these fabrics, how to purchase fabrics, prepare scraps so they are ready to use when you want to sew. She also explored the elements of a good scrap quilt and some fun ways to put your blocks together, including pieced sashing and use of easy alternating blocks.

Bonnie K. Hunter is passionate about quilting, focusing mainly on scrap quilts with the simple feeling of “making do. She has a wonderful system to help you use your scraps! She talked about how to organize your scraps and leftovers for easy accessibility to make scrap quilts. She uses her scraps, doesn't save them. Her talk helps inspire quilters to organize their scraps and start turning them into beautiful quilts.

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