Sunday, June 20, 2010


I like to starch my fabric. I prefer to use concentrated liquid starch, purchased at a big box store. A heavy solution of 50% water to 50% starch. Spraying the starch to warm fabric, makes the fabric firm faster.
  • With aerosol cans I must wait for the foam to sink in...waiting just isn't in my vocabulary!

Why starch?
  • I prefer to work with firm fabric.
  • It stabilizes bias edges
  • Stabilizes light weight fabrics
  • Stabilizes fabric for some decorative stitching
I starch after washing, piecing and the final pressing of the top. And any other time I think it necessary!
  • Be aware that bugs like to eat the starch!
To remove starch build-up from your iron, place a couple of wet paper towels in the sink add the HOT iron and wipe!


Barbara said...

I always starch all my fabrics. Makes everything sew much easier. It's getting harder to find the concentrated starch here in Seattle. Local Walmart and Safeway no longer carry it.

Melody Crust said...

I too live in the Seattle area. I have found starch at Target and Win Co.