Tuesday, September 21, 2010


For insight on your color preferences think about the color you associate with the following:

1. Your favorite fabric
2. Geometric fabric
3. Focus fabric
4. Going to bed
5. Polishing your nails
6. Novelty fabric
7. Picking field flowers
8. A bouquet of your flowers
9. Your favorite quilt, one you made
10. Coloring your hair
11. Setting the table
12. Putting up the patio umbrella
13. Floral fabric
14. Placing a wreath on your door
15. Daydreaming
16. Ethnic fabric
17. Arranging a bowl of fruit
18. The color of the cover of your favorite quilt book
19. Abstract fabric
20. Solid fabric

Designate each of your color choices according to three basic categories of association—warm, cool and neutral. First, find your colors in the following category list:
Warm Colors: red, orange, pink, yellow
Cool Colors: blue, green, purple
Neutral Colors: black, brown, white, gray, beige, taupe

Next assign an “A” whenever you have listed a warm color, a “B” for all you cool color choices, and a “C” for neutral colors. Count how many you listed in each category.

Use the information below to see what your choices may say about you and your quiltmaking.

Your tally: warm ____________ cool ____________ neutral ____________
How do you compare?
Mostly “A”s? You come alive with energizing colors.
Mostly “B”s? You respond to soothing colors.
Mostly “C”s? You like to play it safe.
Tie with two or all categories? Evenly distribute color ‘temperatures’ throughout your stash.


Emma said...

I had less than five that weren't warm! I use cool and neutral, but I have almost a physical need for bright, vibrant, warm colors. It probably stems from my husband's Texas upbringing (full of warm, rich reds and oranges) and my Ohio one - I hate everything about winter, when it's cold and gray and blah.

This was an interesting exercise - thank you for posting it!

Melody Crust said...

I thought it was fun too!