Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall is Here! A Trip to The Fair

Ten decades ago, the Puyallup Valley community joined together an in effort to create a "Valley Fair." The Fair provided a place to exhibit animals of all kinds, and it also became an area to show the crops which flourished in the valley's rich land. Then, as well as now, people came from near and far to visit the Fair. The founders began the Fair, yet it was the Fairgoers who made it the success it has become.

In 1900, the community had no idea the tradition which had begun, nor could they have imagined the treasured memories each decade would bring...

 Over 1.3 million guests now visit the Fair. Fair Scones celebrated their 100th Anniversary and served their 100 millionth scone during the 2011 Puyallup Fair.

Even though the Puyallup Fair is sometimes called the "state fair," there is no official Washington state fair. The Western Washington Fair Association is a private, non-profit organization which exists for only one reason, and that is to please the Fairgoer. The Fair puts smiles on people's faces, it educates people of all ages, and most of all, it creates memories for everyone.

"Do the Puyallup" and celebrate the tradition - and the new century!

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