Friday, November 2, 2012

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

I-0404 - Clouded (Hollis Chatelain)
Hollis Chatelain
It's that time again.  The annual Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative celebrity showdown of fabulous quilts made by twelve of the industry's most talented quilt artists for auction with all profits to fund Alzheimer's research. To make things even easier, this year's auction will be held on line.  Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to own a piece of work by one of your favorite artists!
I-0398 - Radiant Feathered Star (Marsha McCloskey)
Marsha McCloskey

I-0408 - Connections   (Alex Anderson)
Alex Anderson

I-0405 - Sentinels at Sunset II: Someone To Watch Over Me (Ricky Tims)
Ricky Tims

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