Thursday, December 19, 2013

After the Party, Chicago

View from my hotel window
I had planned to rent a car and drive to Dubuque to visit a friend, but minus 6 weather and 5" of snow put a stop to that! So instead I spent the day in downtown Chicago. The day I spent downtown it was a balmy 18! I was dressed warm enough, but I wasn't prepared for the slush. No boots!

What I really wanted was the image of the carving above the window of the building across the street, what I got was mostly snow!
Anne, me, Karen, Katheryn

Karen (a wonderful garment sewer) graciously asked me to join her and her mom and aunt for the day. Spent most of the day in The Art Institute of Chicago and Nieman's shopping. And an elevator ride to the 96th floor of the Hancock Building for a drink. Stunning view!

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