Monday, April 20, 2015

I Love Thread!!!

Thread shelf, not shown in picture is blackout curtain.
I love thread – the different types and sizes of spools, the different weights and textures of threads, and all those amazing luscious colors.  I buy lots of it, some to use and some just because I couldn’t resist it’s loveliness. I think I have more invested in thread than fabric!
Be aware that thread does go 'bad'. And no, it shouldn’t be stored in the freezer because it slowly removes the moisture. 

So, the principal enemies of thread (and fabric) are light, variations in temperature, humidity and dust.  Direct sunlight as well as strong artificial light will eventually create fading and drying.  To maintain it’s optimum strength, threads need to retain a degree of moisture, a balance.
I now have five of these boxes!

Any kind of box or container will also work so long as it protects the thread from dust, minimizes exposure to light, humidity and temperature variations, and keeps the spools separated and the threads from tangling is recommended.

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