Friday, December 18, 2015

Embroidery Feet

Sometimes called "appliqué" feet, they are particularly suited for decorative stitching. The bottom of the foot has a wedge shaped indentation which allows even satin stitching to glide under the foot without dragging. The angle in the indentation makes it possible to turn curves easily. It is available with open toe and clear feet. The toes of the foot are shorter, compared to a regular zigzag foot, for greater maneuverability while sewing.

Melody’s Tip: The metal and transparent feet work well with lighter weight fabrics, the bridge of the foot provides additional fabric control and helps prevent tunneling.

Embroidery or Appliqué Feet
Satin Stitching

Corded Satin Stitching


Attaching Ribbon, Trims and Lace


Bobbin Work

Blind Hem

Stained Glass

Decorating Fabric

Crazy Quilting      

Sewing Buttons and Bows

Circular Stitching

Top Stitching

Thready Bar Tacks

Super-fast Binding and Piping

Twin Needle Stitching

Twin Needle Stitching with a Long Zigzag or Serpentine Stitch


Melody’s Tip: There are a number of feet that will appliqué wonderfully, in most cases the best one is the one you own. 
Top Stitching..

Closed toe foot supports fabric which promoted good decorative stitching.

Thready Bar Tacks
Open toe foot allow very good visibility for Applique.


celia ambrose said...

Thank you for this information on different feet attachments. I bookmarked for future reference. Merry Christmas!

Melody Crust said...

Your are welcome.