Wednesday, April 5, 2017

30 Things I have Learned

  1.     How to bind a quilt
  2.     Enjoy the process and stop rushing to get it done.
  3.     Nothings perfect
  4.     Rotary cutter and self-healing mat.
  5.     Love your self. Love your quilt. It’s your quilt. Don’t compare your quilt to others.
  6.     Be organized. Once you acquire a large stash and everything else, they do you no good unless you can find what you want.
  7.     Starch is my best friend
  8.     Keep trying, there’s always something new to learn.
  9.     Practice, practice, practice!
  10.     It’s okay not to be perfect. Only machines attain perfection
  11.     Accuracy in all things
  12.     There’s more than one way to do things
  13.     Don’t watch the needle.   
  14.     Binding
  15.     Buy as much fabric as you want. Life is short.
  16.     Measure twice cut once.
  17.     Continue to try new techniques, keep learning
  18.     After places pieces on a design board (or the floor) take a photo to see if it is balanced and if anything jumps out as just wrong.
  19.     Be creative and come up with your own ideas
  20.     There are no quilt police, if you can imagine it you can make it.
  21.     Quilting is a social sport.
  22.     Use the best tools you can afford.  If you can afford a quality sewing machine, get that first.
  23.     Press, press and more press
  24.     When someone compliments your work always say “thank you” even if you don’t feel you have done well
  25.     Blue painters tape for a straight line and to use a neutral thread for piecing.
  26.     Join a local guild. Members are enthusiastic and willing to share, teach and inspire.
  27.     Breathe and relax.
  28.     The right needles and using a thimble. If you prick your finger and get blood on the quilt, your saliva will take it out, if done immediately.
  29.     Have fun!     
  30. To say “no” to people who want you to make things for them.

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