Wednesday, July 23, 2008

About APNQ Traveling Exhibits

Since 1998 APNQ has developed a traveling quilt exhibit in conjunction with its biennial Quiltfest. Members representing the geographic diversity of APNQ are invited to submit a quilt interpreting the selected theme. Quilts debut at one Quiltfest, spend the next two years traveling the country being exhibited, and are auctioned off during the next Quiltfest Gala. APNQ's traveling exhibits serve as both fundraisers for the organization and a realization of our mission--to promote the art of quiltmaking in our region and beyond. Since their inception in 1996, these inspired collections have traveled the country and, through the generosity of the quiltmakers who donated their works, have earned more than $135,000 at auction. Past or currently traveling exhibits have been featured in scripted slide shows which are available for group rental; upcoming exhibits are currently being scheduled for venues and will debut at the upcoming Quiltfest.

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