Friday, October 29, 2010

Judging Guidelines

The purpose of judging a quilt show is twofold: one is to award excellence, and the other is to give critique. Do no confuse ‘critique’ with criticism. A critique is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘a critical analysis or review’. When a critique is written, it should point out the areas in which the quilter has demonstrated success, as well as suggest areas which need improvement.

There are two general methods of judging. The point system and the elimination system.

The point system: points are given on a prepared score sheet something like this:
(The points and categories may be anything you want!)
Visual Impact (40 points) _____ Design (20 points) _____
Workmanship (20 points) _____ Color (20 points) _____
This system may reward more than one blue ribbon!

The elimination system. Each quilt is judged on its own merit, and held or released. The held quilts are then reviewed and the awards given.

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