Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's Involved When Entering a Show

I'm crazy busy getting ready for the International Quilt Show in Houston TX. I can't believe I leave on Saturday, so this post seems appropriate.

People often ask me about what is involved in the jurying process, and I’ll certainly be the first to say that it is a difficult task to narrow the field down to the number of quilts any show can accommodate! Quilters are as diverse as they are talented, so jurors look at a very broad range of styles, both traditional and non-traditional. A few factors considered in making decisions are:

• General appearance: Does the quilt make a neat, clean and tidy first impression?
• Workmanship: Does the piece reflect excellent sewing and quilting skills? Is it flat, square and free of distortion, with all signs of construction invisible?
• Unity: Is there a condition of harmony in which all the parts – the design, colors, fabrics and the quilting – work together, each contributing to the overall effect?
• Wow factor: Does the quilt have that magical, indefinable ‘pop’ that makes viewers gasp in appreciation? Does it have the kind of impact that stays in their minds after they have walked away? This includes, but is in no way limited to, visual impact and whether the quilt successfully delivers the quiltmaker’s message.

Anyone viewing the amazing collection of quilts displayed in any show will certainly appreciate the wealth of talent, artistry and commitment of everyone involved!

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