Friday, January 14, 2011

A Well Stocked Studio - Beads

It’s important to know that all beads are NOT created equal. Craft beads you find might be cheaper but they are no bargain in the long run because they may tarnish, fade, or worse, run. Fashion beads, on the other hand, are generally washable and dry clean well. Clear and iridescent glass beads are usually colorfast, but some silver lined glass beads may tarnish and turn black. White metal beads and charms can also discolor and stain your fabric.

Using a variety of different types of beads is a quick way to add interest to your finished work and, fortunately, the bead makers have ranged far and wide in searching for materials to make into beads. Glass is probably the most common bead out there. Bone, wood and even stone are other possibilities that can be cut, polished, carved and drilled into any number of shapes and sizes. Plastic is a reliable and inexpensive alternative. Metal, brass and aluminum are often stamped into unique shapes.

TIP: Don’t get caught up in what a particular bead is called. Buy and sew beads you like!

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