Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well Stocked Studio for Painting

Is there a particular color, texture or shading you want for your project? You may decide to buy yardage and paint the whole piece or you might want to pick up a brush, stamp or crayon and add a bit of design that is uniquely your own.

Happily, drawing tools like crayons and permanent fabric markers are easy to find and easy to use. Acrylic craft paint, fabric paint, paint sticks and all-purpose ink are all fast and dynamic ways to take your project to the next level of creativity

Washed fabric (or PFD - prepared for dying)
Applicators - Brushes, sponges, tooth brushes or ?
Freezer paper
Wide masking tape
Large plastic garbage bag
Small paper cups or old ice cube tray
Paper plate & towels
Paper & Fabric scissors
Fat sharpie
Rubber gloves
Rubber stamps
X-acto knife
Small cutting mat

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