Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exploring Thread

I'm working on the quilts for my new book Straight Line Quilting: The Right Quilting In the Right Way In the Right Places. It's fun for me to make the quilts, thinking of all the ways to quilt them as I piece. The actual stitching is the most enjoyable part of all. Well let's face it, I love the process!

So it occurs to me you might be interested in how I use different threads. I'll quilt with any thread I can get into the needle and if it doesn't fit, put it in the bobbin.

The easiest of all threads is 100% cotton. Buy the best thread available makes the sewing a lot easier. Choose a needle with a sharp point; quilting, jeans, & microtex/sharp needles. Pick one that corresponds to the size of the thread. Small thread- small needle; large thread-large needle.

The sewing is fun and rewarding when you use a walking foot for the actual stitching.

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