Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneak Peak

I am happily stitching on quilts for my new book; Stitching Through the Layers; The Art & Elegance of Straight Line Quilting. Thought I would share one of the quilts with you. Topsy-Turvey was quilted using WonderFil Specialty Threads - Tutti.

This thread is 50wt Multi-Color Cotton Double gassed & mercerized. Tutti is fantastic for quilting, longarming, thread painting, cotton lace, serger, embroidery, and more.

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Joyce R. Becker said...

I'm with you, Melody. I luv luv luv Wonderfil's Threads - the Tutti and the Fruitti blend so well and of course I am a huge fan of their matching bobbin threads:Invisifil
:) Joyce Becker
Landscape Quilt Artist
Big fan of Wonderfil Thread