Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thread Tuesday

Stopping at a thread rack these days is like visiting a candy store -- there are so many delicious threads to choose from. All of these choices can be intimidating, even to the seasoned sewer. But experimenting with threads can expand your color and texture palettes and add new life to your designs, no matter what kind of stitching is you passion. For the next few Tuesdays I’ll look at the threads available to us and tips on how to use them successfully.

Thread, like fabric, is made from either synthetic or natural fibers, or both, and each has its own appeal.

Rayon thread -- This thread is very a popular choice overall because of its attractive high sheen, widespread availability, and consistent trouble-free performance, holding up to high-speed stitching without breaking or fraying. Rayon thread comes in a wide range of solid and variegated colors, as well as in a new "twist" thread composed of two or more solid colors twisted together to form a single strand, which adds automatic shading and dimension to flat designs. Most rayon threads are available in a standard 40 wt. and a thicker 30 wt. (in terms of thread sizing, the higher the number, the finer the thread).

Bobbin thread and Needles
Rayon#30 & #35
Bobbin; Machine embroidery or regular weight piecing thread.
Needle; Sharp, denim, embroidery or Quilting size 90/14.
Rayon #40
Bobbin; The same as the top thread. Or Machine embroidery thread.
Needle; Sharp 60/10, 70/11, 80/12, Denim 70/11, 80/12, or Quilting 75/11.

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