Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am NOT compulsive!

I finally sold my old sewing table, I'm sorry to see it go, but the new machine just doesn't fit. I know it is going to a good home but still...

When I opened the drawer I realized just how compulsive I am. I tie a lot of knots when I quilt so there are always lots of 3-4" pieces left over. I started keeping them. I know I will do something with them, I just know it!


Katie M. said...

Love your threads! I keep a jar next to my embroidery machine and all my snippets (and lengths) go into the jar - so much color! I will take and spread a handful of threads out over a piece of sparkle organza, then layer another piece of organza or tulle over the threads and do some stipple type quilting using varigated thread in top and bobbin - voila - colorful piece of fabric!

Melody Crust said...


I can think of lots of things to do with the thread...just didn't realize how much I saved.