Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stitching with Flat Film Polyester Thread

You can fool the eye and make your stenciling look like organza fabric if you outline quilt with a flat film polyester thread.

When stitching with any of the flat film polyester threads (Glitter by Superior Threads or Sliver by Sulkey), use a Metallic or Topstitch needle, size #90/14. I like The Bottom Line by Superior Threads in the bobbin. This bobbin thread is smooth. It allows the top thread to flow smoothly through the needle.

Loosen the upper tension all the way down to a '1'. Position the spool on the vertical spool holder so the thread unwinds straight off from the side (like the paper comes off the toilet paper roll). These threads add sparkle and dimension to embroidery and quilting. Most of them are washer, dryer, and iron safe (medium heat).

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