Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things, once more

"Fast Finish" Triangles - This is a great way to quickly and easily provide a fake sleeve to hang a small quilt on a single nail. Before sewing the binding, fold two squares of fabric in half diagonally, press. On the back, place them over the two top corners, all raw edges together. Sew the binding. Simply insert a pencil, small dowel, or chop stick under the triangles and balance the quilt on a nail.

Ever rub crayons on fabric? I can be a time consuming project. Try warming the fabric first with an iron, then applying the crayon. Works like a charm!

Is the eye of the needle getting smaller every year? Try the Clover needle threader. Just like having younger eyes, well almost! (They now come in pretty colors).

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