Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last year for the AAQI


Fade to Gray

It's official. This is the last year for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. We expect to reach $1,000,000 raised for research near the end of the year if all goes as planned. It's a good time to end.

First came"Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece." Later,  "Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope" the long narrow Name Quilts. Those, by the way, will  be auctioned off this year, 26 per month, starting in March. (Mine was #25). 
For Women Who Wear Purple

What began as one person’s response to sorrow and frustration has grown into a national charity embraced by a large portion of the quilting community. More than 13,000 quilts have been donated, turning sweat equity into over $883,000 for research so far. For many donors these quilts were healing works of art which helped them grieve as they stitched for the greater good. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen the AAQI’s two traveling quilt exhibits about Alzheimer’s. Through this artistry came the realization for many that they were not alone on this journey of heartbreak; others understood, perhaps for the first time, what a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s really means. Together quilters have funded 11 research studies at six universities and a medical school. Three more studies will be funded this month and hopefully more throughout 2013. Because of the AAQI, scientists know a little bit more about Alzheimer’s than they did before. Hopefully this understanding will bring us all closer to a cure. Click here to learn more about this great project

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