Friday, March 22, 2013

A Workshop with Hill Country Quilt Guild

A Two day workshop

The joy of painting onto fabric is that there are so many possibilities and so few rules. This is a time to set free your imagination, pick up brush and play. Apply the same techniques you use in creating the quilt top,—visual trial and error. Play with fabric paints to enrich your fabrics before you begin sewing—or at any time during the process. Use paints to add new designs or dimension to portions of your quilts, making the fabrics uniquely your own. The choices are yours and the magic is waiting to happen.


Hill Country Quilter said...

Melody - this was such a wonderful experience! I found out about it at the last minute and could not have been happier with the variety of techniques and wealth of knowledge you shared. Most of all, thank you for your tender loving care of a sensitive soul. If someone is wanting to get into another dimension of quilting and needs the tools to get there, this is the course for you. Jeannette Ruark

Hill Country Quilter said...

Melody - what an exciting and enriching experience this two day class was. I found out about it at the last minute and was thrilled with the variety of techniques you guided us through. Thank you most of all for the tender loving care for sensitive souls lacking confidence. This class is a must have for anyone wanting to explore new dimensions in quilting. It opened my eyes to a liberating and joy filled future. Jeannette Ruark - Kerrville Texas