Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This Jewelry Lover Buys Again!

I am a jewelry lover with a particular passion for vintage costume jewelry. My most recent purchase is a rather gaudy bracelet and earring set. I am very selective in my choices and prefer jewelry from the '40s, '50s and 60s. It can be found in like new condition at prices and is still affordable. Only looking for large, flashy pieces because that's what I love. If your are in the market here are some tips.

Condition – Try everything on! Make sure it fits. Bracelets can be small, some clasps are difficult. If I can't put it on, I don't buy it! Don’t take the condition of a vintage jewelry item for granted. Extremely worn plating, darkened or cloudy rhinestones, missing parts, clasps that don't work properly, missing stones, and chipped or scratched enamel all lower the value of a vintage piece. Obvious repairs such as sloppy soldering and haphazard stone replacements should also be avoided. That can mean close inspection is necessary to see some of these important details, so take care when examining online photos.

Fortunately, I live in the Seattle area so I have easy access to Rhinestone Rosie. Rosalie Bryzelak Sayyah, an Antique Road Show appraiser, she buys, and repairs vintage jewelry. The store is located at 606 West Crockett Street, Seattle, Washington 98119 - 206.283.4605 rosie@rhinestonerosie.com.

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