Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Fine Line - Designing The Stitching Through the Layers

A Touch of Red, borders on the traditional, so the design is a traditional feather.
Quilt as desired! Do these words strike fear into your life? I used to think so too. The stitching has always been one of my favorite parts, but I'd dreaded those words. A number of years ago I decided to study the art of The Quilting to solve the mystery. I now have written two books about the Quilting Design, A Fine Line and Stitching through the Layers (straight lines only)

In the workshop A Fine Line I address this subject only. In an informal group setting we discuss things like your skill level and desires for you quilt and brain storm ways your quilt might be quilted. Not only do students go home with ideas for how to quilt their quilts, but lots of ideas to quilt many quilts.

I decided to play with the proportion, note the quilting does not follow the piecing lines.

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