Monday, September 21, 2015

Threads for Quilting

I use all sorts of threads for quilting, from cottons to decorative versions. One thing to remember -- threads developed specifically for hand quilting should not be used in your sewing machine, because they are coated with a glaze that is not machine-compatible. Beyond that, the sky's the limit.
Manufacturer Web sites are a good source of information for threads suitable for hand and machine quilting. Do keep in mind that you must often change your sewing machine's tension when you machine quilt, use a different thread in the bobbin, and choose hand and machine needles that will deliver the thread intact, without damage to its integrity. 

Here is a chart  to help you choose 

Thread type
Through the needle
In the bobbin
Cotton or polyester
Heavy weight cottons and polyesters
The same as the top thread. Cotton thread
Top stitching 100/16 or 120/18
Silk #30
Silk #30 Cotton 50/3.
Sharp, 90/14 or 100/16
Denim or Quilting 90/14
30 wt. thread
12 wt thread   
30 wt. thread.
12 wt thread.
Cotton thread 50/3.
Sharp 90/14 or 100/16
Denim or Quilting 90/14
Cotton or polyester
Machine quilting
The same as the top thread.
Machine embroidery thread 60/2,Cotton thread 50/3 ,
Sharp, denim or Quilting 90/14
Rayon #30
Rayon #30.
Machine embroidery. thread 60/2.
Cotton thread 50/3.
Sharp, denim, embroidery or Quilting 90/14

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