Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Use an Edgestitch Foot

An Edge Stitch or Top Stitch Foot have a guide running down the middle of the foot, which can be lined up against the edge of a piece of fabric or in a seam for perfect stitch placement.

With the Edge Stitch foot, you can Topstitch (stitch to the side of a seam) by adjusting the needle position to the left or right. Topstitching prevents seams from rolling and gives your project a finished and more professional look. Great for collars, pockets, and tops of purses, bags, and totes! We love it for finishing the edges of bag handles. Position both the blade and needle in the center of the seam, and have fun stitching perfectly placed decorative stitches on crazy patch blocks. When using this foot, follow these steps for success.
Top stitching, with the needle adjusted to the left.

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