Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stitching Thread - Two at a Time

Stitching with a double needle can have some really wonderful effects. Double needles sit two on a crossbar and are designed to be inserted into the machine at one time and sew the corresponding number of rows simultaneously. Double needles are sized both according to the millimeters between the needles and by the size of the needles. Keep in mind that when you use a double needle the stitching on the back is a zigzag because you have only the one bobbin catching both top threads.
Not very interesting - but there is 12 wt cotton on top &  poly in the bobbin - 4.0/100 needle
WAY better,Yellow 12 wt, 30 wt orange, yellow embroidery thread in the bobbin, 4.0/100 needle, tension @2.0.

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