Friday, May 6, 2016

Ironing and Using Antique Linens

Do not iron your antique linens until you are ready to use them. I damp iron everything, testing the fabric with a lower setting until I am confident it can take the higher heat. To dampen my antique linens I spray them with distilled water mist or take them straight from the dryer, not quite dry, to the ironing board.  I set the iron on the "no steam" setting and go at it.

I prefer to starch my linens, this makes them easier to handle in the sewing process.  Be aware that starch breaks down and gradually turns linens yellow and then a nasty brownish color.  It can hasten the breakdown of delicate antique linen fabrics and all but ruin a fine organza or lightweight linen in just a few years.  But, since I am not a purist, I don't care. 
This is a less than perfect piece. Which makes it a great candidate
to be cut up. I haven't found just the right use for it yet!

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