Friday, December 23, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. The Bottom Line by Superior Threads; quilting, embroidery, bobbin, binding, and appliqué. Comes in 55 colors and is 60 wt. lint-free polyester. Its smooth surface allows it to work well with metallic threads. The smoothness of the filament poly thread does not snag or grab the top thread. If you've had trouble using metallics, give it a try.

2. Golden Threads quilting paper
For use with the No-Marking Method to create tear away stencils. The paper tears away cleanly and easily without pulling out your stitches.

3. Cotton and cotton blend battings
Sticks to other cotton; thin; can be machine quilted & shrunk to produce antique looking quilts or to hide quilting stitches; comfortable to sleep under; it breathes. Cotton endures and will not beard like polyester. A good choice if “shadow through” from the quilt back is a problem. Cotton, bonded or glazed batting won't pull apart and needs to 'relax' after removal from the packaging.

4. Shiva brand oil paint sticks
Make elegant fabric with the look of airbrushing! Paint sticks applied to silk or cotton are simple, fun and permanent.

5. Thread
Lightweight threads are great for “fancy” stitching. They are thin so a lot of thread won’t make your project seem stiff. The easiest to use are medium weight threads, which are great for anyone learning a new technique. Heavy threads are bold and can make a project stiff and very “thready”.

Cotton is probably the easiest of all threads to work with. Polyester looks like cotton and it’s easy to sew.

Monofilament (clear or smoke-colored) thread must come off of the top of the spool. To wind it onto a bobbin, wind slowly to avoid stretching and be sure to wind the bobbin no more than about half full.

Metallic threads need the upper tension loosened one or more numbers, a polyester or nylon bobbin thread and a vertical spool pin.

Flat film polyester demands a vertical spool pin with a felt pad underneath so the spool can rotate easily.

Bobbin Thread - Match it and top thread colors so it won’t matter if your bobbin thread peeks through.

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