Friday, December 2, 2016

Color in My World

I'm sitting in my studio thinking about color for my next project. The ideas are in there somewhere.

So much to think about!
Color inspired by the outdoors is fresh, easy to wear and flattering to everyone. Fresh greens that have favored yellow have matured into the deeper blue greens in shades of emerald. Purple’s royal tones are flushed with pink to form rich shades of maroon that lighten to soft lavender. Passionate reds and pretty pinks are seasoned with warmer golden undertones to form the delicious colors of pomegranate, salmon and peach. Modern pastels reflect the delicate colors of sunrise. Clear sky blues and deeper ocean blues offer tranquility and promote peaceful meditation. Healing turquoise tones are modern accents that continue to be a favorite eye catching color. Warm brown colors and soft dove grays are used to balance and ground more brilliant color choices. Graphic black and white add a playful mod note to a generally neutral palette. Crystal clear pieces reflect light beautifully and give a modern look of beauty showing purity, innocence and refinement.

So much to think about! 

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