Sunday, June 11, 2017

3-D Bow tie blocks

3-D Bow tie blocks are easy to make in any size. To make an 3" (finished) bow tie, you will need two 2" squares of your background fabric and three 2" squares of a print fabric for each block. 

Fold in half, wrong sides together, one of your bow tie squares. Finger press. Place this folded bow tie square between a background and another print square, right sides together, with the fold in the center. Sew along the raw edges.

Open up, and pull out the folded tie piece. Sew that together the remaining background and tie squares.

If the background is on the top of the first set, then it belongs on the bottom set this time. 

Open the knot piece and put both pieces right sides together, matching the center seam. Put seam allowances on opposing sides, one in each direction, so you won't have a huge lump on one side. Sew.

Open and press.

Want a different size? Cut all the squares one half the desired block size plus 1" for seam allowance. The process is the same.

Have Fun!!

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