Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sewing Machines

I'm up to 12,668,999 stitches on mine!

Someone asked me the other day what kind of machine I use. I sew on a BERNINA 830. With its generous dimensions, it offers significantly more working area than other sewing machines! The free arm leaves a 12" of space to the right of the needle, letting me spread out my project and guide it comfortably. This design provides enough room even for large quilts, and ensures optimum vision and control when quilting.

What I really think she wanted to know  was what kind of sewing machine do I recommend. I have three thoughts on the subject. Buy the very best you can afford, by European made and look very hard at who you buy it from. You are going to have a long relationship with your dealer.

There are other things to think about: what features do you need? I am a long time lover of BERNINA. The knee lift for the presser foot and the ability to raise or lower the needle with the 'gas' petal are favorite features of my old machine. 

Contemporary sewing machines are outfitted with many, many more options: duel feed, automatic needle threaders, switches that let you run the machine without pressing on a foot pedal, sewing machines with loads of specialty switches, the ability to make the needle end up in the down position or in the up position when the machine is stopped -- those features are just a sampling of what you'll find when you shop for a machine.

Take what you sew most with you to the dealer and play!

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