Friday, September 29, 2017

Quilt Show Season-Here is How I Make a Sleeve

I  like to make sleeves for all my quilts. Putting a sleeve and a label on when the piece is finished, means it’s ready for anything. This method allows for any size rod, and the quilt still hangs flat on the front.
Press short edges under 1/2" press, fold again and stitch.
Place ruler on fabric, 5" down from one long edge, fold fabric to ruler, and press
Place ruler on fold 1" from edge, and press.
Note: I press these folds with a bit of starch. I want these folds to be sharp!

Stitch two raw edges wrong sides together.

Pin sleeve on the back of the quilt 1" from the top, and stitch in place.
The resulting sleeve allows for a large or small rod.

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