Friday, December 22, 2017

Round Robin Quilts

Six Blonde Ladies, 50" x 50", was completed using 100% cotton materials, machine piecing, machine and hand appliqué & hand quilted.  It has not been exhibited.

This is a "Round Robin" quilt. The friendship block exchange of the '90s. It's the unwritten journal of our friendship, so fragile in this era of change. Each quilter adds a new border, to record her space in time.  The completed quilt is always a breathtaking surprise and this one is no exception. The whimsical title reflects the fun experience we shared.

 The name? There were six of us, no blondes, but we had lots of fun!

Center block: Melody Crust
Triangle border: Jill Christenson-Loll
Appliqué border: Nancy Brister
Northwest Flavor: border: Kathy Park
Anything Goes border: Ros Rowley-Penk
Curved border: Nan Naubert
Quilted by: Melody Crust

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