Friday, July 20, 2018

Beautiful Summer in Seattle

I feel like I have been absent for a time. I am sorry, but it's summer in Seattle and it's GORGEOUS!

The sun has been shining almost every day, and while it has been hot, I love it!

On average, it is cloudy here 226 days a year, which means most of the time there's NO SUN. There are a number of reasons that explain why summer in Seattle is so special.

We appreciate it more than anyone else.

We really do have the best summers in the county according to science. A recent study decided that we basically have the best summer beach weather-- mild temperatures, cool nights, and very little humidity.

It doesn’t rain, no seriously, Seattle is drier than Phoenix in July.

There is water everywhere: Between Lake Washington, Green Lake, Lake Union, Portage Bay, Elliot Bay, Salmon Bar, The Ship Canal, The Montlake Cut and, all the other ones I can't remember right now, you can get wet in all of them.

Best of all, Seattle's summer lasts longer than anywhere else. Thanks to our “Indian” summers, they last, October.

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