Friday, June 12, 2009

Labeling Quilts

I name my quilts so I add the title. And if there is any other interesting information I want to share, I'll add that too! This quilt quilt was donated to The Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters for their auction/fundraiser.

Every two years the produce QuiltFest, a juried and judged show in Seattle, Washington. There is a traveling exhibition of fifty quilts that travels the US and Canada. There is a unifying theme, this on was Basic Necessities. My piece titled a Touch of Red says it for me!

The basics:
Label Fabric Choices: Pre-washed (without fabric softener) white or muslin fabrics are suitable; 100% cotton fabrics are preferred. For a more coordinated look, a good choice would be light colored fabrics left over from your quilt.

Permanent Fabric Marking Pens: Fine point permanent fabric marking pens are colorfast and do not bleed. Pigma Micron® pens are a good choice. They can be found in many colors and sizes including felt tips. They are available at your local quilt shop, art supply, and stationery store or through many catalogs. Always test for color fastness.

Freezer Paper: Freezer paper is used to stabilize the fabric for writing. As a temporary bonding process, the plastic coated side will adhere to the fabric pieces when a dry iron, at 'cotton' setting, is applied. The plastic does not damage the fabric and peels off easily.

Light Box: A light box is very useful while tracing any design to use. If you do not have one, improvise, a brightly-lit window works well.

Ideas: Ideas for labels can come from anywhere. Look at fabric, newspapers, magazines, and postcards for ideas.

Getting Started: Start by making a pattern for your label on your computer. Play with the fonts, try word art. Just be sure your label includes, as a minimum; your name, city, state and year. • Note: Be sure to check the spelling.

You may wish to include other information such as the quilt name, the recipient's name, the occasion or the inspiration. Anything goes!

Next choose the fabric for your label of sufficient size for a generous seam allowance. Pieces left over from the quilt top make excellent coordinated labels.

Cut freezer paper the desired label size. Place the shiny side of the freezer paper to the wrong side of the fabric and iron at a 'cotton' setting, the fabric is then trimmed to approximately ½" larger than the freezer paper. The freezer paper stabilizes the fabric for drawing.

Now the fun begins! Place the fabric (with freezer paper) over the pattern on your window or light table and trace using permanent fabric pens or markers.

When you have finished inking the label, place fabric side down and press the ½" fabric edges over the freezer paper with your iron. This heat sets the ink and the pressed edge provides a guide for the appliqué. Remove the freezer paper and appliqué the label to the back of the quilt using an invisible stitch. You may choose to add the label before you quilt the quilt.

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