Friday, June 5, 2009

Quilt Show

I get design inspiration from the variety of places I experience on my travels. I keep notebooks of photos, articles and ideas. They are sorted by category e.g. appliqué, piecing and inspiration. I wanted to try something new. I usually have a general plan in mind. Sometimes the finished piece doesn’t look like the one in my mind and this time it did.
Commercial and hand dyed fabrics, machine appliqué, machine quilting with many specialty threads.

For me, color expresses concepts and feelings. The sheer glory of color attracts me! There is wholeness, completeness about color that reaches my very being. My response in my work - a celebration, a dance, a song. An attempt to express the essence I experience.
Colored fabric, machine pieced and quilted makes this quilt.


Betteem said...

Melody, I love both of these quilts. Are they small? Are you going to embellish them with beads, etc? I think they are wonderful just as they are....the great!
Betty M.

Melody Crust said...

Thanks Betty. The quilts are both 24" x 36". I will not be beading them, mostly because I no longer own them.