Monday, June 29, 2009

Road Trip - Part One

This road trip was prompted by the artist reception at the Juniper Art Gallery.

On the way...

I heard about a wonderful stitchery shop the Krazy Kat Fiberhouse in Tacoma Washington. If you are into thread like me, check it out! They have 1500 square feet displaying something like 15000 colors of thread. If you are into other fiber arts they have lots of stuff for Cross/Counted work, Crewel Work, Needlepoint, Lace-making, and Felting.

Right next door a bonus!

The Bead Factory has 5000 square feet of sheer bliss! They have thousands of types of beads from every part of the world, lots of beads, findings, tools & supplies. Everything from Czech glass to diamond strands. Lots of samples too!


Jane Moxey said...

So glad you found the thread place. I quite forgot that a good bead place is right next door. Sure beats going down to Lacey to that other huge bead place, huh?

Melody Crust said...


I thought the bead store was a great bonus!